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At my core I believe in goodness and miracles. Kindness trumps all and beauty exists in every human being. Through the hand-crafted images, I capture your joy in the simplest of moments, the moments you thought no one caught, the slight smile you share with your sweetheart, the tears from grandma and everything in between. I believe in images that are craving to be printed, and artfully hung on walls for years to come

I became a photographer after one of the most heartbreaking years of my life. I picked up a camera and went and took photos of my friends playing volleyball. As I looked at those images, I saw my best friends through a completely different lens. I swear I got a taste of how God feels when he looks down on us. I saw light, I saw joy, I saw hopes, dreams, love and humanity. From that moment on I wanted to take images of people in their truest form, in their happiest places.

Whenever I hold my camera, I think to myself who needs to be seen today? How will I feel the moments? Then I say to myself “It is my honor today, to craft beautiful and emotional images, that show your story.” Life is beautifully messy. But you are beautiful, and your story is WORTH telling. Every itsy-bitsy detail means something powerful and courageous. My love for people and photography has taken me around the world, from the seashores of Old Mexico to the Cobblestone streets of Charleston. The mountains are my home, the elegance of the slopes is where my heart is.

Park City and Charleston WEDDING & PORTrAIT PHOTOGRAPHER FOR classy and kind couples

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I was born and raised at the feet of the majestic Utah mountains, having moved around a lot as a child, this place became home permanently. However I have the travel bug, having visited the beaches of Fiji, the Jungles of Mexico and the porches of Charleston, curating the most beautiful images.

My love for photography drives me to see people in new ways and learning how to capture their stories with the most open heart ever.

Love, Family, Babies, Fashion
Pavlova, coziness are my core

Charleston, South Carolina

Kayla + Jeremy

"" Chris sees things in such a different way, its like he saw into our hearts and made us feel like royalty!""



Nothing warms you up faster on a brisk afternoon than a warm cup of tea by the fire. Throw in a few friends + some cronuts and you have the ingredients for a perfect day. 




I believe in heartfelt luxury, to me that means the simple things in life  matter most. Farm to table produce can be one of the most luxurious experience we can have! 

Farm to Table

I support 


New isn't always better. I am big fans of spending the afternoon sifting through antique shops and secondhand stores for timeless pieces with secret stories. 
The details matter! 



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I believe irrevocably , and utterly passionatly in the power of love. It is the most expansive emotion and state of being that we can experience and I want to be surrounded by that day and night. 

My life may not include my forever person yet, but it has been impacted by all of you and your love stories. The tales of simple acts of kindness, helping eachother learn to love again and again. These  stories keep me going and give me hope for a brighter tomorrow! 


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